Screening is mandatory for new clients. To finalize a date with me, please fill out my contact form or email me at [email protected]. I will ask you to provide either of the following:

References: Please provide me with the names, emails, and websites of one or two independent providers you've seen in the past six months. One reference is fine, but two is better. Multiple references increase your credibility and boost the odds of a response in time for our meeting! If you cannot provide references, you may provide career/personal information for verification.

Personal Verification: If you are not able to provide references, please provide your name and attach a photo of yourself holding your photo ID. It is fine to cover your address, but your face should be visible. I also accept LinkedIn verification.

Time management

I respect your time and expect the same from you. Please give me ample notice if you would like to book me. My services are by appointment only.

Please do not ask me to overstay beyond our scheduled time. I charge for my time for a reason.


I understand that our best laid plans may go awry, but please respect that I have blocked out my time for you. Please give me advance notice if you need to reschedule our session. I'm generally understanding and flexible if something comes up.


I completely dedicate myself to my sessions. Please be discreet and avoid compromising language when booking or I will have to block you. Do not try to wheedle, force, or manipulate me into activities I haven't agreed to during our session. I never rush sessions, but please respect my time and don't ask me to linger beyond our agreement.

Upon arrival please place my donation in an unsealed item of your choice. My donation is non-negotiable so please do not discuss it at any time during our date.